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Okiteng is one of the homo sapiens civilizations in the game.

Units[edit | edit source]

Militia[edit | edit source]

The bread and butter of the Okiteng's defense during the early stages of the game, Okiteng militia are mostly used to fend off any attacks and assaults that are bound to occur early on. They are poor attackers and bad melee fighters.

Kempur[edit | edit source]

A skilled fighter that specializes in melee combat at the cost of offensive and defensive abilities. The Kempur can be produced quickly and at a low cost, making them excellent go-to units when melee combat expertise is required.

Samurai[edit | edit source]

The single most powerful infantry unit in Erectus. The Samurai has well-rounded and above average offensive, defensive and melee abilities though he is a little on the slow side. Samurai can be produced relatively quickly.

Keshik[edit | edit source]

A light cavalry unit with impressive offensive stats and reliable defensive and melee abilities. The keshik can be produced at a moderate rate and is a decently fast unit that is well suited for counterattacks.

Xiang[edit | edit source]

Looks are not deceiving when it comes to the Xiang. This unit is an offensive engine of destruction with terrifying offensive strength. It will take quite a bit of effort to bring a Xiang down. All of the Xiang's power comes at a price however as it is a little on the slow side for a chariot unit and lacks defensive strength, it is also a pricey and time consuming unit to produce.

Cho-Co-N[edit | edit source]

Another of the Okiteng's most fearsome units. The Cho-co-n archer has incredible offensive and defensive strength as well as respectable melee skills due to the unique armor and arrows used by this unit. The Cho-co-n armor is not easy to create though, making for a costly unit.

Scout[edit | edit source]

The Okiteng scout does his job well, though he is quite slow.

Ram[edit | edit source]

The Okiteng are not fond of siege weaponry as evidenced by the overall lack of effectiveness of their ram. It is a rather slow and weak piece of equipment, though it can be produced reasonably quickly.

Catapult[edit | edit source]

Like the ram, this weapon is mostly slow and ineffective and costly to produce. While the Okiteng siege weapons will get the job done eventually, they tend to take a lot longer than the siege weapons of other races.

Chief[edit | edit source]

The chief units are the commanders of the army, they lead the troops, plan the attacks and make sure that their subjects are disciplined and full of morale. Any troops that are sent out alongside a chief will gain a 50% boost to their offense, defense and melee abilities. The chief is a respected unit held in high regard by the other troops and as such will be defended until the very end in case of defeat, this means that your chief units will always be the very last to die so try to keep them alive when you have reason to believe that defeat is imminent, remember that you can only create 1 chief per city. A city won’t be able to produce another chief until the current one dies.