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Ngane is one of the homo sapiens civilizations in the game.

Units[edit | edit source]

The ten units of the Ngane are listed here.

Militia[edit | edit source]

The most basic of Ngane military units. Militia are mostly farmers with good street fighting skills. Regardless of their training, Ngane militia are fast units with decent melee abilities that allow the Ngane to start attacking other players. It is important to keep your militia on the aggressive, they are poor defending units.

Impi[edit | edit source]

A step up from the militia, Impis are the mark of an Ngane civilization on the rise. Armed and trained, the Impi provides solid and reliable offensive and melee combat abilities as well as impressive speed. Impis make use of a spear and shield and are trained for combat. This makes them more expensive and time consuming to produce but stronger than militia units in every way, though still ill-suited for defensive purposes.

Ngolo[edit | edit source]

A powerhouse infantry unit that is armed with a large curved blade and a short sword. Ngolo units pack a strong offense and good melee abilities as well as somewhat decent defensive abilities though not enough to make them reliable defenders. The Ngolo is slightly slower than most of the Ngane infantry though still very fast for an infantry unit. They are feared warriors on the battlefield because of their combined speed and power.

Zebrane[edit | edit source]

The first of the Ngane cavalry units, this zebra-riding warrior is the fastest unit in the Ngane lineup. A relatively cheap unit to produce, the Zebrane is a somewhat specialized "hit and run" unit that can use its immense speed and offensive strength to hit hard and fast, but at the cost of poor defensive and melee abilities.

Karanga[edit | edit source]

A chariot unit that is pulled by two zebras. An expensive but very powerful unit, the Karanga is the most advanced unit in the Ngane lineup, sporting amazing offensive and melee skills. Karangas tear through the battlefield, using their mobility and offensive prowess to the fullest and making short work of all but the most skilled of melee combatants. Like most of the Ngane units the Karanga is not built to defend, it has respectable defensive abilities, though the unit's strengths are wasted on a defensive role.

Mamba[edit | edit source]

The Ngane Mamba is an archer unit and the main defensive unit in the Ngane lineup. Mambas are possibly the most feared Ngane unit on any battlefield. Their name comes from the mamba-venom that they use on their arrows, even a slight scratch from a mamba arrow will lead to paralyzation and death. The Mamba is a low-cost unit with strong offensive and defensive abilities though entirely hopeless in a melee situation.

Scout[edit | edit source]

Ngane scouts are selected almost entirely on their stamina and running speed. These speedy scouts can cover a large amount of space in a short amount of time. Like all scouts the Ngane scout is not a fighter and must be cautious not to be found by enemy troops.

Ram[edit | edit source]

Technology is not the Ngane's strongest suit as evidenced by their somewhat shaky-looking siege weaponry. Regardless of looks however, the Ngane ram is a reliable piece of equipment, able to be moved around quickly and bashing through just about any gate.

Catapult[edit | edit source]

The Ngane catapults are not exactly known for their effectiveness, while it is cheaper to produce than most catapults and can be moved quite quickly, it is lacking in power.

Chief[edit | edit source]

The chief units are the commanders of the army, they lead the troops, plan the attacks and make sure that their subjects are disciplined and full of morale. Any troops that are sent out alongside a chief will gain a 50% boost to their offense, defense and melee abilities. The chief is a respected unit held in high regard by the other troops and as such will be defended until the very end in case of defeat, this means that your chief units will always be the very last to die so try to keep them alive when you have reason to believe that defeat is imminent, remember that you can only create 1 chief per city. A city won’t be able to produce another chief until the current one dies.