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Ikari is one of the homo sapiens civilizations in the game.

Units[edit | edit source]

The Ikari have 10 different units. The Ikari are slow, but strong.

Militia[edit | edit source]

Ikari Militia are mostly just well-fed farmers that ended up slightly bigger than most people. Cheap and easy to produce, they are mostly used to defend as they are not very fast.

Skodra[edit | edit source]

Dependable warriors with a well-rounded skillset. They can be used to attack and defend while still being able to hold their own in melee combat. They are not very fast though.

Berserker[edit | edit source]

A fearsome unit that wields a mighty axe, the Berserker can fill many combat roles due to his good defensive abilities and melee skills. Offense is where the berserker truly shines however, he does not carry the axe just for looks.

Ulaan[edit | edit source]

A light infantry unit boasting respectable offensive and defensive qualities, though probably best kept away from melee fights. The Ulaan is surprisingly slow for a light cavalry unit, though effective and flexible when used at the right time.

Dragoon[edit | edit source]

Easily the most fearsome unit in Erectus, the Dragoon wields horrific offensive strength as well as fantastic defensive qualities and melee combat skills. Dragoons are designed to simply overwhelm whatever is in their path rather than utilizing clever movement or positioning which is why they are quite slow and also costly to produce.

Arga[edit | edit source]

The Ikari archer unit is, like most archers, mainly a defensive unit, though he can provide offensive strength as well. Keep him away from melee engagements if you wish to keep him alive however.

Scout[edit | edit source]

The Ikari scout does his job, though he is slow like most Ikari units and can't reposition himself effectively.

Ram[edit | edit source]

Slow, expensive and decently effective, the Ram is not the Ikari's specialty when it comes to siege weaponry.

Catapult[edit | edit source]

One of the Ikari's greatest strengths. While still slow and expensive the Ikari catapult is a very effective weapon that can level any wall very quickly.

Chief[edit | edit source]

The chief units are the commanders of the army, they lead the troops, plan the attacks and make sure that their subjects are disciplined and full of morale. Any troops that are sent out alongside a chief will gain a 50% boost to their offense, defense and melee abilities. The chief is a respected unit held in high regard by the other troops and as such will be defended until the very end in case of defeat, this means that your chief units will always be the very last to die so try to keep them alive when you have reason to believe that defeat is imminent, remember that you can only create 1 chief per city. A city won’t be able to produce another chief until the current one dies.