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Next to Homo sapiens there was another type of humans, called Homo erectus. Where the development of the Homo sapiens was mainly technology driven, the development of the Homo erectus was based on a symbiosis with nature. The Homo erectus worked together with animals and lived on our planet for 1.5 million years.

Units[edit | edit source]

Just like the Homo sapiens the Homo erectus also have their units.

Club fighters (Militia)[edit | edit source]

Club fighters are the most common of the Erectus warriors. Though lacking the advanced equipment used by their Homo sapiens opponents, these militia units make up for it with brute strength and a lifetime of fighting experience that they acquired by living in the wild.

Spear fighters[edit | edit source]

The spear fighters are a step up from the more common club fighters. Spear fighters put a bit more thought into their weaponry and have managed to carve stones into pointed speartips, making them more dangerous than their club-wielding brothers-in-arms.

Torch fighters[edit | edit source]

Erectus warriors that have mastered the use of fire. They fearlessly wield burning torches which they use to light up anything and anyone that stands in their way.

Slinger[edit | edit source]

Don't let their lack of archers fool you, the Erectus are perfectly capable of defending themselves from a distance using their slings. Slingers use specially made slings to hurl rocks with alarming power and precision.

Elephant tamer[edit | edit source]

A group of Erectus warriors accompanied by mighty elephants. Elephants can easily trample any opposing footsoldiers, they are feared by melee warriors that have to fight them up close.

Buffalo tamer[edit | edit source]

The bond between Erectus and animal is clearly shown when you see them fight alongside buffalos. Buffalos are used to defend important units and areas, they quickly form a defensive circle around whatever they are trying to protect.

Hippo tamer[edit | edit source]

The hippo is scary enough to encounter in the wild, but alongside the Erectus they become a truly terrifying opponent. Hippos are fearless and strong, they power through anything that gets in their way and are frequently used by raiding parties.

Rhino tamer[edit | edit source]

Rhinos are bulldozer units and probably the last thing you'll see if you see one charging at you. The Erectus make use of Rhinos when they need something with great speed and power, they are used to rampage through enemy units as well as battering rams to open city gates with.