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Players will play one of the four homo sapiens civilizations and can decide, which one they'll play at the start of the game.

Homo Sapiens[edit | edit source]

The nganemake great use of naturally available resources theey are also good robbery. Their population grows quickly due to their excellent skills as robbers.

Playstyle > Early aggressive play.

> Inteligent play for the later stages of the game.

> Able to use time efficiently raid an plunder to make up for bad economy.

Strenght Economy - 1 Military - 3 Efficiency - 4

The Okiteng form a complex society. Their growth during the early stages is slow and starting off with them is difficult. However they compensate for this with their excellent defensive units.

Playstyle > Okiteng players need to let civilizations swimmer, growth does not come easy.

> Defensive play supporting other alliances.

> Takes a moderate investiments of time.

Strenght Economy - 4 Military - 2 Efficiency - 2

the Ikari are always off to slow start. They're not the best of robbers so their population growth is slow. This will be compensate by their strong military units

Playstyle > Patient, the Ikari will never hit the ground running. >Smart the Ikari requeire support during early stages of the game. > tactical play is important due to the constant shortage of units.

Strenght Economy - 3 Military - 4 Efficiency - 1

The assura civilization is above average in a lot of respect they have good snack for technology resulting in a strong city wall and strong siege weapons

Playstyle >Active and intelligent play. > an active player can use the assura stong points to compensae for their weaks points. > Fun to play for players that enjoy raiding and robbering other palyers


Economy - 2 Miliatry - 3 Efficiency - 3

Each civilization comes with their own special traits, and some are great for strategic players, some tend to be more aggressive or are better for players, who like to build a strong economy. For beginners, the Assura offer a more balanced build of attributes.

Erectus[edit | edit source]

The homo erectus is an extinct species of hominid, which is the main antagonist in the game. Just like the Homo sapiens he too has his units.