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Assura is one of the homo sapiens civilizations in the game.

Units[edit | edit source]

On this page you can read about the different units of the Assura. There are 10 units in total.

Militia[edit | edit source]

A basic unit with little actual training, these units are mostly Assura civilians that ended up a bit bigger than their fellow citizens. Surprisingly well-rounded units with good speed that can attack other civilizations early on.

Timuk[edit | edit source]

A warrior unit with good offensive and melee abilities as well as respectable speed. Aside from subpar defensive skills the Timuk is a common and widely used unit that can fill many roles.

Zhayedan[edit | edit source]

The most skilled infantry unit that the Assura can field. The Zhayedan has strong offensive, defensive and melee skills on top of good speed. An affordable and effective unit, the Zhayedan's signature curved blades are a menacing sight on the battlefield.

Ansar[edit | edit source]

A light cavalry unit. The Ansar has a fearsome offensive strength and can hold his own in melee combat, on top of this the Ansar is blazingly fast. An immaculate hit-and-run unit though a very weak defender.

Sipahi[edit | edit source]

The heavy cavalry unit of the Assura, the Sipahi is an incredible combination of power and speed. They possess incredible offensive and defensive strength and can more than hold their own in melee fights.

Bowman[edit | edit source]

Assuran bowmen are reliable defenders with some good offensive strengths as well though they will fall like flies in melee combat. They should make use of their good speed to keep away from the frontlines and fight from the best positions.

Scout[edit | edit source]

Like most of the Assura units the Assura scout is a very fast unit. His speed enables him to cover lots of ground and quickly relay information‏.

Catapult[edit | edit source]

The Assura catapult is a fearsome and effective tool to break down walls with, for a catapult it can move quite fast. Assuran catapults are costly weapons to produce, they should always be well defended when in use.

Ram[edit | edit source]

The Assura ram is an "in the middle" kind of weapon. It's not weak, but it's not that strong either. It has good speed however, so it can reach its target surprisingly quickly.

Chief[edit | edit source]

The chief units are the commanders of the army, they lead the troops, plan the attacks and make sure that their subjects are disciplined and full of morale. Any troops that are sent out alongside a chief will gain a 50% boost to their offense, defense and melee abilities. The chief is a respected unit held in high regard by the other troops and as such will be defended until the very end in case of defeat, this means that your chief units will always be the very last to die so try to keep them alive when you have reason to believe that defeat is imminent, remember that you can only create 1 chief per city. A city won’t be able to produce another chief until the current one dies.